Employee Portal


The Employee Portal module is a powerful tool to eliminate 90% of your phone or email transactions as far as employee payroll is concerned.

Key Benefits

Key Features


YTD Summary

Loan Statements

PF Statements

Reimbursement Statement

Income Tax Statement

IT Declaration

This module enables employees to update their rent and savings declarations online

IT Calculator

This feature enables employees to do a what-if analysis of their income tax by varying various elements. This reduces employees queries to payroll administrators to a very large extent.

Reimbursement Claim Workflow

This feature enables employees to post and get approval of Reimbursement claims online. This eliminates a lot of hassels like manually filling up the form, not knowing the status of the claim, etc. The salient features are:


This feature enables employees to log any issues on salary, tax, payouts online. Payroll administrators can review the issues and post resolutions online. Salient features are:

Leave Workflows

This feature enables automation of the entire Leave application and approval process. This feature enables complete elimination of paper. By moving the Leave process online, employees save time and HR administrators save a lot of effort as they no longer need to maintain manual leave forms.

The salient features are: